What people appreciate 

about me

I am a mom before anything else.

No one ever deserves to feel shame for being who they are.


Raw nature. Northern Ontario bush.

Identifying others strengths, big and small, and then help take those gifts forward.

Exploring beyond limitations in the name of "beneficence".


I only ever want to help.

I see no limits when reaching for dreams and hopes.

​I like people.

I am resourceful and stay connected.

I am passionate about self-advocacy.

I am passionate about inclusivity.

I am a lifelong learner staying current to offer best supports.

I treat others the way I would want to be treated.


I am a task oriented thinker and achiever. If lost in my passionate pursuits slow me down as needed.

Know that I wear my heart on my sleeve and this helps me process our journey’s struggles and triumphs. It brings me strength and commitment. We succeed when we are truly passionate, inside, out.

Help me to always understand your feelings and hear your voice to help you create the change you want to see.

Providing opportunity and welcome to create changes when/where opportunities are non existent.

Let’s learn together. 
Let’s achieve together. 
Let’s climb the mountains together.

York Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation

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What is important 

to me

Tracey MacFarlane
Independent Facilitator

​​Phone or Text: 289-231-6396

Email: traceymacfarlane2@gmail.com