I am caring

I am encouraging

I am attentive

I am positive

I am patient

I am driven

I am hopeful

I am resourceful

What is important 

to me

Being happy in my heart

Seeking quality of life for my family

Enjoying music, photography and nature

Sharing my knowledge

Celebrating accomplishments no matter how big or small

Believing that there is always a way to make things happen

Helping others to reach their potential

Promoting and building inclusion in all environments

Gaining satisfaction from making a difference

Developing and nurturing healthy relationships

Focusing on strengths and interests

Giving choices

Telling me who and what is important to you and why

Sharing your needs, hopes, dreams, talents and goals

Helping me to define and understand your issues

Valuing each person’s ideas and opinions in discussions

Being open about your feelings

Dedicating time and energy to working together as a team

Clarifying expectations and setting clear deadlines

Keeping me informed of any developments that may impact outcomes

Giving me feedback on a regular basis

What people appreciate 

about me

How to support 


Simone Lee Hubers
Independent Facilitator

​​Phone or Text: 416-543-9539

Email: Simone.Lee.Hubers@gmail.com

York Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation