York Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation


The Why Wait Demonstration Project has been approved by the Housing task Force and endorsed by MCSS. 

The “York Region Why Wait? Collaborative Demonstration Project” is a collaboration between people, their families, York Region Lifetime Independent Facilitators, Montage Support Services and York Support Services Network. This collaboration provides innovative, sustainable and individualized housing solutions to eight (8) persons identified on the DSO eligibility list. Each person will be supported by a model they’ve developed through years of thought and planning. Although each model is unique and they all have 4 common components that will support long-term sustainability, and that define these models as unique and innovative: 

➢ Each model engages an established Person Directed Independent Facilitator 
➢ Each model is guided by an incorporated Microboard (Self-Directed Support Organizations) for ongoing supportive decision making 
➢ Each model has a strong and secure Network of Support that has been developed and will be maintained
➢ Each model is efficient in that they share administrative costs including fund administration, brokerage, and QAM oversight.

York Region Lifetime Independent Facilitation (YRLIF) will be the lead for this project and will provide responsive independent facilitation to each of the models. York Support Services Network will serve as the Transfer Payment Agency and provide QAM monitoring functions and invoicing services. Montage Support Services will provide staffing solutions, training options, and general advice to those models looking for a provider to fulfill these functions.

We look forward to sharing our learnings with everyone to both support and inspire future creative collaboratives. Please visit WHY WAIT Facebook page called Why Wait- A learning and Collaboration Series for ongoing updates and  conversations regarding this project. ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1754724221450088/ )