Linda Shea-Carter


Town Of Newmarket

What people appreciate

about me

  • Kind, Caring
  • Approachable, Trustworthy
  • Humorous, Insightful

What is important

to me

  • My Family and Friends.
  • Being physically active.
  • Quiet time. Spirituality.
  • Seeing the Big Picture.
  • Sharing dreams and visions. Making the world a Better place.
  • Visioning together and focusing on the possibilities that we will try to accomplish.
  • Continuous learning and being curious. Accepting people where they are at.

How to support


  • Be patient with my curiosity and questioning. This is how we get information.
  • Keep your word around timing and dates.
  • Acting kindly and in a non - judgemental fashion. This will help everyone feel at ease.
  • Time maybe required to think through ideas before we can make a final decision.

An Associate Facilitator with 'York Region Lifetime Independent Facilitation'

‚ÄčYork Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation