What people appreciate 

about me

What is important 

to me

How to support 


Kind, Caring.

Approachable, Trustworthy.

Humorous, Insightful.


Be patient with my curiosity and questioning. This is how we get information.

Keep your word around timing and dates.

Acting kindly and in a non - judgemental fashion. This will help everyone feel at ease.

Time maybe required to think through ideas before we can make a final decision.​

York Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation

​My Family and Friends.

Being physically active.

Quiet time. Spirituality.

Seeing the Big Picture.

Sharing dreams and visions. Making the world a Better place.

Visioning together and focusing on the possibilities that we will try to accomplish.

Continuous learning and being curious. Accepting people where they are at.

Linda Shea-Carter

Town of Newmarket​

​​Phone or Text: 289-231-8237

Email: lsheacarter@rogers.com