York Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation

Katherine Pickard

Independent Planner and Facilitator

Resides in Georgina

What people appreciate

about me

  • Caring and committed to helping others
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Strong work ethic and desire for personal best
  • Sincerity and compassion for others
  • Honesty, frankness and sense of humor
  • Ability to ask analytical questions that seek out ideas and solutions
  • Willingness to talk, listen and to share thoughts and information
  • Keen and eager to always try new things personally and professionally

What is important

to me

  • Having balance between my work and home life is important; being able to contribute to my community, to spend time with my friends, and also take time for myself to enjoy solitude and downtime
  • To continually learn and develop new skills and have new experiences. I have a 'long' bucket list and like variety, challenge and creativity in my life
  • To feel connected to those I work with; to be valued and seen as a respected, competent and contributing team member
  • To share my personal experience in raising a 'special needs' child, and to use my experience and knowledge to make meaningful differences in people's lives through visioning and working together
  • I like to feel organized and prepared in the things that I do; I seek information and like to take time to reflect on what I’ve done for growth and accomplishment.

How to support


  • I like honest and constructive feedback so It's ok to tell me when I'm not explaining something well, if you are in disagreement, or if the direction we are moving in isn't what you want. I worry about letting people down and like to know that we are working together to achieve the same goals
  • I am a detail-orientated 'thinker'. I like to ask lots of questions and need time to reflect on information
  • I try hard to be reliable, organized and meet deadlines; please extend me the same courtesy
  • I can sometimes spread myself too thin so reminders are helpful to keep balance in my life
  • I need to know that our work together is having a positive impact and making a difference, even if it's only in small ways

An Associate Facilitator with 'York Region Lifetime Independent Facilitation'