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Lifetime Independent Facilitation


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Tracey MacFarlane
Linda Shea-Carter
Sarah Harder
Katherine Pickard

Our facilitators are all "Associates" of YRLIF. Associates are independent and self-employed. YRLIF provides the following support to each of our Associates in order to ensure that they have the knowledge and expertise to support individuals in their community:

  • A Minimum Training requirement before practicing, provided by experienced Facilitators recognised by Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (www.oifn.ca).
  • A Network Meeting on a monthly basis to support resource sharing, problem solving and sharing of tools and best practices.
  • Coaching and Mentoring provided for the first 6 months of practice by a recognised Facilitator affiliated with OIFN.
  • Ongoing opportunities to attend training with a YRLIF subsidy.


In order to access a Facilitator for yourself or someone else, please contact info@yrlif.ca 

YRLIF Associates are unique as they are Independent Associates, much like your respite support staff. A core value of YRLIF is to allow individuals to choose their facilitators, rather than the facilitators being ​assigned to individuals. Here is how YRLIF assist you in making these choices:

  • We ask you a few questions including:
    • ​Where do you live?
    • ​What is meaningful and important to the person who would like facilitation (interests)?
    • ​What kind of support works for the individual who is seeking facilitation?
  • We triage the list of available Associates and forward those profiles that might be most suitable (top 3), based on the information that you provided us and the availability of the Associates.
  • ​We forward the One Page Profile and contact information of the Associates for you to review.
  • You contact the Associates directly to:
    • ​​Set up a meeting to have a conversation regarding their services 
    • Determine who you would like to engage as a Facilitator
    • Enter into an agreement with the Facilitator
    • Begin your journey


The cost of Facilitation varies based on their experience. In the province of Ontario the average rate for Facilitators is from 25$ to 45$ per hour. If you have Passport Funding (Community Participation Support Funding) through MCSS, you can use this funding to pay for Facilitation or Planning http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/documents/en/mcss/publications/developmental/passport/passport_guidelines_en.pdf ).