York Region

Lifetime Independent Facilitation

About our Steering Committee members and Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Cynthia Heavener, D.C. (board/steering), parent of a young adult with autism. Cynthia has been involved in building capacity for independent facilitation in York Region for the past 5 years and is passionate in her belief that all people need to have a meaningful life, integrated in the community. She sits on the board for not-for-profit Commons Coffee and Catering.
  • Paul Popper (board/steering), parent of 2 adults with autism with a passion to build capacity for Independent Facilitation for other individuals. OIFN member.
  • Vici Clarke ...
  • Susan Popper (board/steering), parent of 2 adults with networks of support, co-chair Family Support Network, founder of not-for-profit Commons Coffee and Catering, member of OIFN for 4 years.​
  • Don Wilkinson (steering), ED Community Living York South, Don has worked in the community living field for the past 40 yrs. Don's passion is supporting individuals and families to create inclusive community supports.

There is more on our facebook discussion group  ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/yrlif/ ).


A Not-for-Profit founded in 2015 by parents of adult children with an intellectual disability. We are  lead by a Steering Committee and Board of Directors


Our purpose is to develop the local and lasting professional capacity necessary to empower people with an intellectual disability to be full citizens in our community by ensuring the availability of trained independent facilitators within York region.


  1. TRAINING. To promote, subsidise and organise the training of professional independent facilitators.
  2. OUTREACH. To publicise the value and crucial importance of lifetime independent facilitation for people with an intellectual disability.
  3. SERVICES. To organise, support and monitor the provision of independent facilitation services to people with an intellectual disability.